International Park Restaurant
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''International Park'' Restaurant

An irresistible temptation to enjoy the true taste of joy of life. The all-new recreational area "International Park"- Restaurant and Hotel Resort - is ready to conquer any visitor who is looking for a refreshing and relaxing refuge.The picturesque environment predisposes us to a sense of freedom and communion with the Mother Nature. 


 Chișinău city - the Paşcani village, Criuleni district: 7 km    Arriving here, we discover the revelation, the splendor of a set of architectural jewels that blend harmoniously with the atmosphere of the bird trill from the alluring forest of the Paşcani village. Diverse forms of leisure and entertainment are promised from the beginning. A chain of specialized buildings and lands, that simultaneously create the feeling of a whole, includes: *Hotel; *Restaurant; *Swimming pool; *Playground. Restaurant. Our entourage give birth to a distinguished and festive atmosphere, which is so delicate and relaxing. Due to the rustic exterior, the surprise is offered by the traditional food (European). Hotel. The curiosity of the new leisure complex is due to the strong contrast between rustic exterior design and the modern interior of the hotel and the restaurant. We are totally overwhelmed; once we walk the doorstep of the houses, traditionally built from blocks of wood and painted in a brown natural color of the wood. In this way, we spiritually feel ourselves in a different era - the modern one, with all European comforts included. Swimming Pool. How could we pass by such an irresistible opened swimming pool in the estival season? With a capacity of over 50 places, decorated with blue-brown mosaic and big brown stones, it will cool us off in the clear water throughout the estival season, when such a dream place is highly demanded. Let us not forget about the therapeutic and relaxing effect of swimming. Once arrived in this unforgettable paradise – International Park, everyone will feel at home.