The Sanatorium Codru
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The Sanatorium ''Codru''

The Sanatorium “Codru” – the first settlements of this kind in the Republic of Moldova, located in the central area of Codrii, operating from May 19 , 1959 under the name “Sovietcaia Moldavia” based on first republican hospital resort from Hirjauca village, in the former monastery buildings of men. In 1974 to lay cornerstone of a complex of modern buildings – the sanatorium today . 



The resort has 460 seats. (about 35% of the republic). Specificity resort: disease treatment: digestion illnesses; disease and consequences of traumas of the impellent device; diseases of central and peripheral nervous system; respiratory disease; gynecologic disease; chronic prostatitis. Factors healing : hydrocarbon mineral water sodium sulfate acting antacid, choleretic and cholekinetic , mineral baths - water contains hydrogen sulfide low concentration with sage and pine; sludge applications; intestinal irrigations; massage; swimming pool; sauna; therapeutic exercises room. Sanatorium Spa Treatment Gastrointestinal diseases: the main factor is the administration of sodium sulfate hydrocarbon mineral water, diet, herbal infusions (teas), bowel irrigation. Musculoskeletal system diseases: the main factor is mud therapy (mud applications) ,hydrotherapy (baths with sage, underwater shower, circular shower), physical therapy (curative gymnastics gym), massage, physiotherapy methods, physical exercises in the pool. Respiratory diseases Gynecological diseases Central and peripheral nervous system diseases Chronic Prostatitis