Route Nr.2: “Saharna - Țîpova – Lalova”

Route Nr.2: “Saharna - Țîpova – Lalova”

The second route is special, because the navigation route comprises a very picturesque area. The distance is of 30 km, starting from the Saharna village, continuing to Tipova, then Lalova. The proposed program consists from a day of kayaking on the Nistru river- excellent for muscle relaxation and clarifying your thoughts. We will spend time in a pleasant way and relax from the urban life.



The kayak ride is a unique activity and is accessible to all ages. We are delighted by the innovative program that will help us relax in a quite different atmosphere. We planned our adventure while thinking about all the details (route, security, accommodation, food) and assure you to provide available, resistant and comfortable kayaks (boats), and of course - protective equipment. We guarantee you relaxing moments in the middle of the nature with your friends and family. The duration of the route is between 6-8 hours, with a length of 30 km. We will be unshipping on several small islands. For those who are interested into maintaining the physiological constitution in a permanent tone, we have prepared few hours for a unique type of sport, in perfect meteorological conditions. Together we will admire the beauty of the nature and the waters of the Nistru river while performing slow and harmonious kayak rides. We offer you the opportunity to become land researchers. Sometimes you will be able to see wild creatures, some fishermen or locals who gather berries, mushrooms and forest flowers. In this adventure you will certainly forget about the daily routine. Try to combine the sports with the recreation, together with the CASAMARE.MD team! Program: 09:00 - Departure from Circus with a comfortable bus 10:00 - Arrival at the destination- Saharna 10:20 - Tourists are invited to attend the briefing. Here they receive the equipment 10:45 - Rafting activity on the Nistru river 14:00 - Resting on the shores of the Tipova village 15:30 - Participants continue rafting 19:30 - Arrival in Lalova, for dinner in the “Hanul lui Hanganu” Pension 21:00 - Arrival at the circus, in a good shape and with a good humour   We assure you: Two-way transportation; A professional guide; Instructions- security technology; Rent: kayak, boat, catamaran, raft on water (Extreme); Specialize