A visit to the Milestii Mici Winery

A visit to the ''Milestii Mici'' Winery

      Ialoveni raion, Mileștii Mici village   25 km far from Chişinău       Time to the winery: 35 minutes      Estimated duration: 1,5-2 hours



The company became famous for its Golden Collection wines. It eas included in the Guiness Book of Records as the largest wine collection in Europe, with over 1,5 million of collection bottles. This underground wine city appeared after the extraction of time stone deposits in the '70s of the last century, at a depth of 40-85 m and is one of the largest in the world."Milestii Mici" Winery was founded in 1969. The total number of bottles stored in the cellars of "Milestii Mici"exceeds 2 million.  The complex of galleries from "Milestii Mici" is itself the largest in Europe, stretching over nearly 250 km, of which only 120 km are used and may be travelled throught by vehicle.   In order to visit the “Milestii Mici” underground galleries, you have to call us and book your tour. You have to choose date, time and language of your tour.  Programs of tasting: From Monday - Friday 9.00-17.00 After 17.00 and Holidays 1. Menu „Butoias cu placinte"  <p style="