For Partners

CASAMARE.MD is a trustworthy company with well defined mission, values and tasks:


Company’s Mission:

The “CASAMARE” company is promoting the national tourism, in order to revive the traditional spirit by organizing trips that bring a dose of positive energy- this being the most needed experience while living daily in the urban agglomeration. We are customer oriented and we are capable of selecting the right product for each client.


Our tasks:

1. The correct understanding and implementation of customer requirements.
2. Promotion of tourist attractions, national traditions and customs
3. Ensure comfortable conditions when making a choice for a tour /place to rest.
4. Preserve the trust and the customer’s loyalty to our company.
5. Providing the maximum information to customers concerning the repose/rest.
6. Wide range of services offered.


Company’s values:

1. Professionalism. The CASA MARE team is formed of professionals. We offer a choice of the optimal solution for those who will benefit from the stay - our customers.
2. Responsibility. We are responsible for our work, as we always think about the customer’s comfort.
3. Effectiveness - all company’s employees are aiming to achieve a high level of results.


For Corporate Customers:

1. Fast way of receiving and processing orders
2. Online booking system
3. Flexible payment methods


Our services:

1. Corporate Leisure (hiking, trips in Moldova)
2. Participation in international exhibitions
3. Plane tickets in all directions
4. Tour packages for rest/repose
5. Transfer from the airport (transport services)
6. Medical insurance abroad