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Sometimes each of us has a great desire to forget the hectic life of town and exhausting pace of the big city, to relax body and soul and simply enjoy the beauty of nature... Of course not everyone has the opportunity to go on a long vacation abroad all the time, so a very good solution will be the recreation center "Saint-Tropez". The new basis of rest is located in a seaside resort, a picturesque place, Vadul lui Voda, 500 meters from the river. 

An irresistible temptation to enjoy the true taste of joy of life.  The all-new recreational area "International Park" - Hotel Resort and Restaurant - is ready to conquer any visitor who is looking for a refreshing and relaxing refuge.

The Company ODISEU owns as well a modern Holiday Resort with the same name, situated only 20 km from Chisinau, in the Vadul lui Voda region. Our Holiday Resort the summer of the 2009 year has celebrated its 5th Anniversary receiving the title of Tourist Complex and it was given the hotel classification three 4 **** stars. inner yard and a recreation area, specially designed for you to feel free and relaxed within nature.

F'Estival tourist complex is a very picturesque resort for everyone, esspecially for his nature and fresh air. It is endowed with a lot of elements that catch the eye : scînciob wood , which wobbles beautiful lanterns and small slimmest sidewalks wide , spacious terrace , large pool , cabanas rest wood color on and necessarily , the trees along the green trees .

"Sky Land" Camping & Resort han an European-style leisure area with a wide range of services. Here you will find pleasant background music campus in harmony with birdsong and the rustle of the forest, the murmur of springs , decorative lanterns lighting creates atmosphere of rest at the highest level.

During the whole year, recreation facility “Green Park” suggest you to visit comfortable villas with a pleasant home atmosphere, which are located near the river Dniester. You will enjoy a lot their villas because of luxury comfort and every special single detail that will make your stay memorable. 

"IT Relax" Complex is the only rehabilitation and relax center located in the most picturesque Vadul-lui-Voda resort area, situated at a distance of only 63 meters from the Nistru river bank. Vadul-lui-Vodă is located 23 km east of Chisinau. It has 5000 citizens and it is the biggest recreation and relax resort in the Republic of Moldova.

Located in the Nistrean Park from Vadul lui Voda , the recreation complex " Vacanza " offers all the conditions for spending time with family or friends. The pension has a capacity of 50-60 people.

This is the perfect place to enjoy your rest in Vadul lui Voda, in comfort and silence! The hotel's location will seem very convenient for those who value leisure relaxing because the hotel is located not far from the beach, but in a relatively quiet area. The hotel's rooms are very comfortable and the service of the staff is held at the highest level.

The agrement zone is located near to the lake, in plein of nature. Here you will find Wooden chalets, restaurant, terrace, swimming pool and a lot activities for your rest in rural place!