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An irresistible temptation to enjoy the true taste of joy of life. The all-new recreational area "International Park"- Restaurant and Hotel Resort - is ready to conquer any visitor who is looking for a refreshing and relaxing refuge.The picturesque environment predisposes us to a sense of freedom and communion with the Mother Nature. 

Showcasing a sun terrace and views of the mountains, Villa Etnica is located in Trebujeni.You will find a 24-hour front desk and gift shop at the property. Guests can enjoy various activities in the area, including biking and fishing. The inn also provides bike rental.

The tourist complex "La Costesti" is the main attraction is the lake Costesti on the shore and which was developed our complex. Moldovan cellar that is found here is a special attraction for any visitor due rustic decor and medieval objects, which were exhibited inside the winery to impress and describe the history of Moldovan people.

Fenix Club is situated at 14th km on Chisinau road to Straseni. It is on the Gidighici lake shore and offers a wide range of services and activities for guests. The location is most popular during the summer time and holidays, but it works and can be visited anytime. This club offers 9 wooden houses for lodging, several barbeque areas with capacity of 15 to 80 people, outdoor cafe, Russian sauna, hire water bikes, rowing boats, riding on a boat and 12 local party pontoons, and a playground for children.

The restaurant is where all your dreams will come true! Here you can celebrate a wedding or anniversary. To celebrate important events in your life, we give you the discretion of the various banquet halls with a capacity of 100 to 180 guests. The staff of eighteen experience the festive atmosphere and a variety of delicious dishes will make any event memorable for you and your guests!

In the heart of Moldovan nature, away from the city,you will find an incredibly elegant restaurant and a pleasant 'boyars'. The Restaurant is located outside of Boyar Court is an ideal place for all the persons who wants to organize a wedding ceremony, christening, birthday or other family celebrations outside the city.

The National restaurant 'Clanico' has a very pleasant style, with an architectural design unique. The staff here menu is waiting for guests with a pleasant and available to deserve you at the highest level. The decor of the place is made with pieces of natural wood.

Cabana Resort "Glade Tree" offers a wonderful atmosphere of a picturesque forest, pine green, crystalline air that offers great comfort in a warm and intimate atmosphere at reasonable prices. The symbol of this area is the "hut" - Vatra - a large round fireplace installed in the center of the hall, which is an absolute innovation and pride for the restaurant.

Visiting the restaurant "POPASUL DACILOR", you can return in our historical past. It is a quiet place that invites you to rest in a beautiful setting, cozy and hospitable. The music arrangements interpreted by the band of fiddlers of staging restaurant and two terraces are welcoming you to enjoy the rich assortment of traditional Moldovan cuisine, sprinkled liberally of house wine and a familial atmosphere.

Restaurant Safari will propose: - banquets - receptions (buffet Scandinavian coffee break, brunch) - service daily (breakfast, lunch, dinner) - food order (takeout Who corporate) - wine tasting and also a list of additional services are available to your: - photos and videos - Presenters - Musicians and artists - Entertainment - wedding stylist and make-up artist - wedding dresses and accessories and flowers dec space -organizing Suite -Poligrafie - Transport - technical equipment - logistics Support Among barrel restaurant services include organizing parties for children.

The restaurant "DOI HAIDUCI" is located in the heart of Codrii, that provides a perfect mood and pleasure from a wide complex of sports and entertainment. The residential area consists of 7 houses BIRN Russian bath, Turkish hammam, pool with ice water, SPA outdoors.

We suggest you to visit “STEJARIS” entertainment complex located 25 km away from the capital city, Chisinau, in the core of Moldova’s Codri forests. Up to the 90ies this place was known under the name of „Дубовая роща”. In 2007, after a complete rearrangement, the complex opened its gates again under a new name “Stejaris”, with a total area of 2 ha.