We invite you to be our tourists in the capital of Moldova - the city with a rich architectural heritage. We will enjoy the urban history and the impressive buildings of the city, then will rest in one of the most prominent restaurants in order to enjoy the delicious national food.  Route: The Tripumphal Arch - The “Schimbarea la Față a Mîntuitorului” Church - The Presidency building of Moldova - The monument of Stephen the Great - The Alley of Classics - The Eternity Memorial - The “Acoperămîntul Maicii Domnului” Church (Mazarachi Monastery), The Circus.

We invite you to be our tourists in the beautiful nature of Orhei, in the communion with saint sanctuaries and of course, the incomparable and most important cultural site – the complex of the Old Orhei. When returning, we will admire the traditions of the Cricova winery. Route: Chișinău – the Curchi Monastery – the Old Orhei – the city of Orhei - Butuceni Pension- Cricova Winery – Chișinău

We invite you to be our tourists and enjoy the paradise of waterfalls and canyons toward the Saharna and Tipova monasteries – surrounded by a green picturesque landscape. We will enjoy the tasty traditional dishes at the agro-touristic Pension in Lalova. Route: Chișinău - Saharna Monastery - Tipova monastery - Waterfalls - “Hanul lui Hangan” Pension - Chișinău 

We invite you to be our tourists in the Călărași area that is rich in tourist attractions, not only for the lovers of traditional sights, but also for the international guests. We will enjoy traditional food in the museum houses and you will be surprised of several exceptional master classes. Route: Chișinău - the “Frumoasa” Monastery - the “Raciula” Monastery - “Harbovat” Monastery - “Harjauca” Monastery - halt at the “House of Honey”, “Casa Parinteasca” - the “Vasile Gonciar” handicraft workshop - Chișinău

We invite you to be our guests in the heart of Codri woods, in communion with the holy places and of course, visit the Golden Collection of the Milestii Mici winery. Here we can admire the traditions of wine, with feelings of excitement and national pride. Route: Chișinău - Capriana Monastery - Hincu Monastery - Codrii Museum - Milestii Mici winery - Chișinău