The tourist route through the street of Chisinau -“City Tour”

The tourist route through the street of Chisinau -“City Tour”

We invite you to be our tourists in the capital of Moldova - the city with a rich architectural heritage. We will enjoy the urban history and the impressive buildings of the city, then will rest in one of the most prominent restaurants in order to enjoy the delicious national food.  Route: The Tripumphal Arch - The “Schimbarea la Față a Mîntuitorului” Church - The Presidency building of Moldova - The monument of Stephen the Great - The Alley of Classics - The Eternity Memorial - The “Acoperămîntul Maicii Domnului” Church (Mazarachi Monastery), The Circus.



The thematic of the tour: historic-cultural approach The purpose of the tour: promoting the image of the Moldova’s capital through its anthropogenic and natural heritage from across the city, highlighting the glorious pages of the past referring to the historical and architectural monuments, administrative institutions of this social and cultural capital. The program of the tour includes: city tour, visits to the most important cultural-touristic destinations. The destinations included in the trip: architectural monuments and monuments of the prominent people of the country, churches, public buildings, cultural buildings. Complexity of the route: travelling with the transport. There is no degree of complexity. In order to see the monuments, the tourists are going to walk a very short distance. Dress code: no special equipment is required. Comfortable shoes and clothing. Accommodation: Accommodation will be provided in Chișinău, at the request of the tourists. Food: food services will be organized in the locals of Chișinău. The types of food will be determined according to the wishes of tourists. Recreation/amusement: visits to the cultural-entertaining complexes from Chișinău .   The offers of the CASA MARE team include:   * Two-way transportation (bus, minibus, car); *Guide; * Food (upon request); * Photo / Video services; *Good Humor;