The tourist route “Guiness Book Records- Golden Collection”

The tourist route “Guiness Book Records- Golden Collection”

We invite you to be our guests in the heart of Codri woods, in communion with the holy places and of course, visit the Golden Collection of the Milestii Mici winery. Here we can admire the traditions of wine, with feelings of excitement and national pride. Route: Chișinău - Capriana Monastery - Hincu Monastery - Codrii Museum - Milestii Mici winery - Chișinău



The thematic of the tour: wine culture and traditions The purpose of the tour: Find out about the natural heritage and religious knowledge, get informed about the history of viticulture and winemaking, the used equipment, the process and the technology of processing and fermenting grapes, and get to know the beneficial properties of wine consumption. The program of the tour includes: visits to the Hincu monastery, Capriana monastery - one of the oldest monasteries, the Codrii Museum - the largest scientific reserve and the Mileştii Mici Winery. Complexity of the route: travelling with the transport. There is no degree of complexity. In order to see the monuments, the tourists are going to walk a very short distance. Dress code: no special equipment is required, except comfortable footwear. When visiting the saint sanctuaries, women will have to wear a shawl or a scarf, men- shorts are not accepted. In the winery of Milestii Mici, the average temperature is between 12-14 degrees, so warm clothing will be needed. Food: lunch or dinner inside the wine cellar of “Milestii Mici”, wine tasting, fishermen menu inside the Touristic Complex “Costeşti”.   The offers of the CASA MARE team include:   * Two-way transportation (bus, minibus, car); *Guide; * Food (upon request); * Photo / Video services; *Good Humor;