The tourist route “The Golden Cross of Moldova”

The tourist route “The Golden Cross of Moldova”

We invite you to be our tourists in the Călărași area that is rich in tourist attractions, not only for the lovers of traditional sights, but also for the international guests. We will enjoy traditional food in the museum houses and you will be surprised of several exceptional master classes. Route: Chișinău - the “Frumoasa” Monastery - the “Raciula” Monastery - “Harbovat” Monastery - “Harjauca” Monastery - halt at the “House of Honey”, “Casa Parinteasca” - the “Vasile Gonciar” handicraft workshop - Chișinău



The thematic of the tour: religion, customs and traditions The purpose of the tour: Find out about the heritage objects of worship from the tourist area of the north-western Moldova, get familiar with the history of Orthodox monasteries that were built in the Călăraşi Woods, get familiar with the ways of life, customs and traditions of local residents. The program of the tour includes: get to know the “Frumoasa” Monastery, the monasteries of Răciula, Harbovat, Harjauca,visit the tourist guesthouse “House of Honey”,  halt at the “Casa Parinteasca” museum (Palanca), and see the handicraft workshop of “Vasile Gonciar” in the village of Hogineşti. Complexity of the route: travelling with the transport. There is no degree of complexity. In order to see the monuments, the tourists are going to walk a very short distance. Dress code: no special equipment is required, except comfortable footwear. When visiting the saint sanctuaries, women will have to wear a shawl or a scarf, men- shorts are not accepted. Food: tasting of bee products at the “House of Honey” in the Răciula village, dinner at the tourist camp “Casa Parinteasca” in the village of Palanca, lunch or dinner at the tourist complex “Festival” from Palanca. Recreation/amusement: master classes offered by the craftsmen in the village of Palanca, folklore program at the halt in the “Casa Parinteasca” and in the handicraft workshop of Vasile Gonciar in the village of Hogineşti.   The offers of the CASA MARE team include:   * Two-way transportation (bus, minibus, car); *Guide; * Food (upon request); * Photo / Video services; *Good Humor;