Pilgrimage to the Monasteries from Calarasi district

Pilgrimage to the Monasteries from Calarasi district

   Frumoasa Monastery    Hirbovat Monastery   Raciula Monastery         Hirjauca Monastery Total distance (round trip): 190 km Duration: 8 - 10 hours



Calarasi District is located in the heart of Codrii Reserve, it's a famous place forpilgrimage for Moldovan citizens and for citizens abroad.Visiting Calarasi region that is famous for unique monasteries that are situated in the heart of the nature. In the center of the village Raciula is located the monastic complex with the same name Raciula Monastery. Just outside the village there is a Honey Museum, opened by a local family. Monastery Frumoasa is situated on an inclined hill to the river Ikel, surrounded by vineyards, garden and hills. The entrance on the territory of the monastery is atractive. Lunch at the local pension. Then continue to visit Monastery Harjauca that has nearby a wood and an old spring. A beautiiful park in the center of which grew a secular oak, which was torn by e storm you can see at the Monastery Harbovat.