One of the most suitable destinations for a countless walking distance is the region of the Old Orhei. Here you can find a rich nature, an extraordinary rocky gorge, with many hills - which will motivate us to have the necessary energy and be in shape. This area is highly appreciated – that’s why we invite you on an unforgettable trip through the awesome landscapes of Orhei.

The Saharna – Țipova route is organized on an impressive territory, on which you can see the Nistru river, the Forest of Rezina, Saharna village and Saharna Monastery, along with waterfalls, caves and hillsides of forest. The 2nd proposed route has this wonderful area as a destination. Here the history keeps the silence and the holy mystery of the cave monasteries, while the churches are looking forward to be visited. 

This is the most requested hiking tour, as people love visiting the forest areas where they can enjoy the tranquility of the woods. We will hike through a beautiful and picturesque countryside that is surrounded by the forests of Moldova. Here is located a holy temple that we are going to visit. Once you visit this destination, you will feel the spirit of difficult times, full of legends, this tour being able of boosting the maximum energy of adventure in a pleasant ambience. 

Компания CASAMARE с радостью организует для Вас экскурсию Сахарна Крикова, во время которой Вы сможете ознакомиться с одним из самых красивых природных мест Молдовы – Сахарной и её скальными монастырями, и завершить путешествие визитом в самые знаменитые винные подвалы Кишинева – Крикова