Hiking Tour of “Molovata – Old Orhei”

Hiking Tour of “Molovata – Old Orhei”

One of the most suitable destinations for a countless walking distance is the region of the Old Orhei. Here you can find a rich nature, an extraordinary rocky gorge, with many hills - which will motivate us to have the necessary energy and be in shape. This area is highly appreciated – that’s why we invite you on an unforgettable trip through the awesome landscapes of Orhei.



The visit to the lands of the Old Orhei is a hiking route of 17.5 km. The trip includes the visit to the museum from Molovata Noua, a ride on the ferry-boat, the possibility to try the healing crystal clear water of the fountain, a halt at the edge of the “Țiganca” forest , a contemplating visit to the church walls of the “Cave Monastery” and of course a copious dinner at the Butuceni pension - a perfect local, with delicious food, tasty wine and peaceful atmosphere –the perfect place to rest.   Program: 8:00 Leaving Chișinău 9:45 The ferry boat (Molovata Veche) 10:30 Molovata Noua (a visit to the local museum) 11:00 The ferry-boat (Molovata Noua) 12:00 The fountain. Here we start hiking. 14:00 Halt at the Țiganca forest 17:00 The Old Orhei ( Church + Cave Monastery) 18:00 Dinner at the Butuceni pension 19:00 Heading back to the city 20:00 Arrival in Chișinău   While visiting these places, you will witness the Tartar baths, the former fortress foundation, the construction of architectural stone, the hills, villages and beautiful landscapes. Every location has its history.  The CASAMARE.MD team intends to make this hiking tour an unforgettable one.