The Hiking Tour of “Hîncu Monastery- Museum of Codrii reservation”

The Hiking Tour of “Hîncu Monastery- Museum of Codrii reservation”

This is the most requested hiking tour, as people love visiting the forest areas where they can enjoy the tranquility of the woods. We will hike through a beautiful and picturesque countryside that is surrounded by the forests of Moldova. Here is located a holy temple that we are going to visit. Once you visit this destination, you will feel the spirit of difficult times, full of legends, this tour being able of boosting the maximum energy of adventure in a pleasant ambience. 



After visiting the monastery, we will reach the Moldovan “Codri” - the oldest and richest scientific reserve of Moldova. Its beauty can’t be compared to the Crimea and Caucasus mountain regions’ one. The reservation is occupying one-third of Moldovan territory and is considered to be the most attractive part of the central area. The “Codrii” forests symbolize a national unique phenomenon. Located in the heart of Lozova village, it is preserving its statute of an original objective of a rich natural landscape. We will walk, take pictures, rest, and spend wonderful time while relaxing with our families and friends.   Program: 08.00 Leaving Chișinău 09.00 Arrival at the Hîncu monastery 10:00 Start hiking through the Moldovan “Codri” 12:00 Halt in the “Curtea Padurarului” 13:00 Continuation of the journey 15:00 A visit to the local museum 17:00 Dinner with a barbecue 19:00 Heading back to the city 20:00 Arrival in the capital   The hiking tours will let you know About the things that were unknown. The guide will tell the only truth, That’s why we warmly welcome you To see the past of our places And put a smile on your faces!