Hiking Tour of “Saharna Monastery- Țipova Reservation”

Hiking Tour of “Saharna Monastery- Țipova Reservation”

The Saharna – Țipova route is organized on an impressive territory, on which you can see the Nistru river, the Forest of Rezina, Saharna village and Saharna Monastery, along with waterfalls, caves and hillsides of forest. The 2nd proposed route has this wonderful area as a destination. Here the history keeps the silence and the holy mystery of the cave monasteries, while the churches are looking forward to be visited. 



The proposed hike has a wonderful area as a destination. The surroundings of the forest will bring a lot of pleasant experiences: ancient hermitages, castles, churches, cave spaces, waterfalls- all these dating from hundreds of years ago. The route has a distance of 12 to 15 km. We're sure you'll enjoy the fresh air that is considered to be very beneficial to health. We will enjoy together the forest, the village, the fountains and the rocks, by walking and contemplating on the environment.     Program: 8:00 Leaving Chișinău 10.00 Arrival at the Monastery of Saharna 11:00 Start of the Hiking Tour 12:00 Touristic halt at the Biciușca village 13:00 Continuation of the journey 15:00 Arrival at the Țipova village 16:00 Trip to the waterfall 17:00 A visit to the Cave Monastery 18:00 Dinner at the “Hanganu's Inn” Pension 19:00 Heading back to the capital 21:00 Arrival in Chișinău   We have the maximum enthusiasm when going on this trip. We guarantee you a lot of moral and physical pleasure, a special weekend with a delicious dinner at the “Hanganu's Inn” Pension from the Lalova village, where you will enjoy our traditional food, a diversity of bee products, boating and different folkloric activities.