A visit to the Wine Company Cricova JSC

A visit to the Wine Company "Cricova" JSC

      Cricova city, Ungureanu 1 street   Distance from Chişinău: 13 km        Time to the winery: 20 min        Estimated duration:  1,5-2 hours



The Wine Company "Cricova" JSC was founded in 1952 and is a unique underground complex, known wordwide for its huge labyrinths, exceeding 120 km in length, and especially for its excellent wines. "Cricova" is one of the most important tourist attractions in the Republic of Moldova. It is here where the history of Moldovan wine making pearls begins, in the center of Moldova, Codri area. The jewel of the underground treasure is the National Vinoteque, which has a remarkable collection of over 600 types of wine and brands from Italy, Spain, Portugal,  France, etc., totaling about 1 million bottles, which are both the precious treasure of the company and of the Republic of Moldova. Thus, in the multitude of cazas there are stored European wine brands made before the Second World War: a part of Hermann Goring's legendary collection of famous Moselle, Burgundy and elite Rhein wines and famous brands representing the world wine making pride - Bordeaux, Tokaj, magnificent collection of classic production, as well as wines from the collection of renowned winemakers from Marsala, Scily. The Wine Company "Cricova" JSC is the only company in Moldova holding the Order of the Republic . From 28 August 2003 it was declared by law object of national cultural heritage of the Repulic of Moldova. "Cricova" holds over 150 medals obtained at the most prestigious competitions and wine tastings of the world. The guests of "Cricova" wine cellar will discover cazas belonging to various politicians: Vice President of The United States Joe Biden, Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, President of Russia Vladimir Putin.