A visit to the Chateau VartelyWinery

A visit to the ''Chateau Vartely''Winery

      Orhei city, Eliberării 170/B street    Distance from Chişinău: 45 km        Time to the winery: 45 min      Estimated duration: 2,5-3 hours



Chateau Vartely Winery from Orhei town was founded in 2008 and is located 48 km far from Chisinau. The factory specializes in producting quality wines with a full cycle: beginning with the growing of wines on their own vineyards and ending with the quality brut wines production and bottling. The complex has a special architecture and represents a true landscape delight, situated on a hill from where a breathtaking wiew opens. The court full of wine museum items, reminds the perfect blend of architectural art with wine art. In the middle of limestone rock, in Chateau Vartely collection rooms, the visitors have the perfect conditions for a true tasting, with the ideal temperature and humidity. In the main tasting room, own collection wines are found. In  the second tasting room there is a collection that includes the most famous wines from France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Chile, Argentina, Australia, etc. After a professional tasting, the guests can enjoy the delicious food prepared at the restaurant of the Complex, and continue their stay, choosing accommodation in one of the guest houses. The restaurant with capacity for 260 people offers the opportunity to taste the unique wines of Chateau Vartely, accompanied by national cuisine subtly blended with the European one, perfectly accompanying any holidays and unique moments, whether family or business events. The guest houses are ready to host visitors, offering a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere and upon request, sauna, darts, dice, pool and of course, a playground for children. And if you enjoyed a wine in particular, Chateau Vartely shop, located at the exit of the complex, is where it can be purchased as a souvenir, gift for an important person, or personal collection.