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CASAMARE.MD - We have the enthusiasm to rediscover the beauty of the Republic of Moldova.


Our company was officially recognized in May 2015 – at the Summer Festival of 2015, organized in Molovata.  We specialize in promoting the national tourism while collaborating with professionals - as willing to spend time together in a more enjoyable atmosphere.

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While surfing the information on our page, you will find interesting specific material in particular sections.  For example, in the “About Moldova” section you will have the chance to go deep into Moldova’s history that describes our charming geographic areas. The most special places from Moldova are carefully described in the “Sights of Moldova” section, and if you intend to visit them, then you should go to the “Tours” category.  The newest and interactive festivals, exhibitions and celebrations - find them all in the “Events” section.  And in the case you really enjoyed a touristic destination, then feel free to spend as much time as you deserve, by going to the category of “Resting Places”- Create yourself a real vacation in one of Moldova’s hotels, restaurants or sanatoriums.

The CASAMARE concept is specific to the Moldovan people.

 We, the Moldovans, have an old tradition: In the past, when someone was building the house, even in the hardest times, he was saving a special corner for the “casa mare” – a particular room that was decorated in the most beautiful and pleasant way. Different types of decorations, as saints icons (protectors of the house), basil, traditional towels and carpets were filling the walls and the floor of the room. People were gathering in it on special occasions:  when meeting the newborn, when having different wedding customs, when meeting special guests, or even the  usual family celebrations, where all the generations were spending time together- from youngsters to great grand-parents.  

Everything in this room feels better – the dishes and the wine are tastier. Sometimes, when simply passing the threshold of this room, your life becomes more beautiful, and you feel yourself much younger...

This is our intention - to bring in the pages of our site the most of Moldova’s holy, noble, and precious wealth.  When entering the “casa mare” room, we want you to feel delighted, and remind you of your best moments spent at your grandparents' house, in the depth of the past.