The Village Museum in Chișinău (Muzeul Satului)
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The ''Village Museum'' in Chișinău (''Muzeul Satului'')

Few know the location of one of the oldest and highest medieval churches - located just near the Chișinău International Airport. It is a holy and quiet corner that shows the lifestyle of our ancestors. Also, you can find  various household utensils, windmills, water, wondrous houses, in  which many people are getting married – stepping the church’s small threshold to take photos and remain  surprised by the fantastic landscape. 



 When entering the city from the airport direction,  you can find an important touristic attraction, and not everyone knows about its existence. We are pleased to relate to you that this is a wooden church, built in 1642, brought from the Hirişeni town in order to be restored. It was registered as a branch of the National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History in 1995. The museum has monuments of folk architecture. Opened in May 1995, the "Village Museum" reconstructs  the bessarabian village from the XVIII-XIX centuries. Eugen Bâzgu says that there is a general plan of the museum and it should include more monuments: the church steeple will be reproduced, and a wooden house, typical for the seventeenth century, will be built. "We will also make a well, wooden gates, and will pave the walkways with flagstones. A school, two windmills, two wells and about 28 houses around the church will be built, too." emphasizes the architect. The project is to be conducted on an area of 150 hectares, containing six ethnographic territories and 165 monuments: windmills, water mills, wooden churches, houses, household annexes, crucifixes, an inn, a tavern and many others. The Village Museum is also working as a church, the spiritual services being formalized by priest Curnic. The church representative said that the spiritual services here are held on Saturdays and Sundays,  weddings and christenings being held in the other days. The roof of the church  is of 27 meters, this being one of the tallest wooden churches in Moldova.  The perfect opportunity to understand the entire significance of this museum is to visit it with the CASA MARE team!