The Water Tower with a fire turret
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The ''Water Tower'' with a fire turret

The water tower is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the city. The unique architecture style can be admired during the day. At night, the play of lights lit up in vertical strips never ceases to please our eyes. Located downtown, the castle is a historical and architectural monument of national category.



Address: Chișinău, A. Mateevici street, 60 The “Water Tower” was built at the end of the XIX century, on the project of the famous architect Bernardazzi. The height of the castle is of 22 meters. There is a spiral staircase on the inside. The top floor with large windows all around served as a viewpoint for firefighters; far from pinnacle you can admire the panoramic view. Currently, the History Museum of Chișinău is working there. Recently the museum was equipped with a night lighting system and became the first building in the country equipped with LED projectors of decorative lighting. The light-emitting diodes generate enough light to create a pleasant sensation to the passers-by. Today tourists and visitors, cameramen and professional photographers and simply lovers ascend the tower in order to admire and get inspired by the panoramic view.