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Bocancea monastery dedicated to St. Peter and Paul is situated in a picturesque river meadow outside the village Bocancea Ciulucul Mic . 

The monastery veverita is a recent religious place, situated at edge with the same name. From public documents we can afirm that monastery veverita was founded in 1922-1924, with a big household and a beautiful churchwith an awesome traditional event.

The oldest monasteries Bessarabia after data documentationis Varzaresti monastery. It's about the charter that gives it Alexandru cel Bun squire or veins, which strengthens some estates . This document mentions " Kisno - Varzareva monastery " as a bottom border of this gentleman 's estate

The Dobruşa monks monastery is located among hills covered by forests and surrounded by orchards. In 1847, the winter church “Schimbarea la Față” was built in the same area. In 1890 the monastery Dobrusa counted 89 monks, all Moldovans, besides the Abbot Porfirie, who was Russian. Until 1863 the sermons were officiated in Romanian, but then the Slavonic language was imposed. The library of the monastery contained many Romanian books that were printed in the Romanian Principates in the XVII and XVIII centuries.

Japca Monastery dedicated to the "Ascension of Our Lord" is located about 160 km north of Chsinau city, 58 km far from Soldanesti town and 45 km south of Soroca town. It is the only monastic settlement of the Prut and Dniester space operating continuously since its foundation. This monastery has a rare location envisaged by the beauty of the horizon opening to the tourists' eyes.

The Zloti Monastery is situated in the southern Bessarabia, 15 km from the town Cainari. The name of the monastery is taken from the neighboring village and, in the old Slavonic language it means “golden coins”. At the monastery you can see the Miraculous Cross. This is a cross inherited from the old monastery that closed in 1949. It has a height of 5m.

The Nativity monastery, near the Zabriceni village, took the day of remembrance of the hieromartyr Foca, being located on the territory of the former Albinuta sanatorium. In fact, this place has kept its designation, but its mission turned from taking care of the body to taking care of the spiritual healing. 

The monastery is located on the right bank of the Nistru river, in a picturesque natural setting, surrounded by cliffs and forests. At the top of one of the cliffs that are surrounding the holy place, a hermitage-cave can be noticed. This one is full of the power of prayers that were read here for centuries. There is also a cross that takes part from the rupestral monasteries that were settled here in the past. This is an architectural monument of national importance. 

Capriana Monastery dedicated to the “Assumption of Virgin Mary” is located in Capriana village, 36 km northwest of Chisinau city, being one of the oldest monasteries of Bessarabia. The first documented reference of the church dates back to 1420.

The monastery is located on the outskirts of the Condrița village, near the Catargul rivulet. The Condrița Monastery is one of the most visited spiritual objectives from Moldova. In the monastery’s courtyard, there is an old stone sign that has a cross and an illegible inscription engraved on it. According to the monks, this stone indicates the place of the old wooden church from the eighteenth century.

The Cosauti monks monastery is located to the north of Soroca. As it is said, “in a deep gorge, there is an ancient medieval monastery, which has been recently restored by a few skilled craftsmen. Next to the monastery, there is a fountain with mineral water, the Brinks of the Nistru river and the granite quarry of Moldova”.