The Veverita Monastery (The squirrel monastery)
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The Veverita Monastery (The squirrel monastery)

The monastery veverita is a recent religious place, situated at edge with the same name. From public documents we can afirm that monastery veverita was founded in 1922-1924, with a big household and a beautiful churchwith an awesome traditional event.



Distance from Chisinau: 70 km

Location: Veverita village, Ungheni district

The patron of the monastery: "Mother of God Joy of All scîrbiţilor"

Founded in: 1923

Abbot: priest-hieromonk Spiridon (Jalba)

In 1948, the monastery was temporary transformed in a hermotage of capriana monastery. And in 1952 was closed. Someone from mongs was arested, anothers left this teritory and just two of them, remained in veverita village. Near the 1960, they was killed in mistery conditions.. A local farm used this church like a deposit and then transformed it. Because from old monastery remained also walls ruins. Was decided to build a new one..New monastery was opened again in 1993.

The interior design of monastery is rectangular.