Saharna Monastery

Saharna Monastery

Saharna's monastic complex dedicated to the "Holy Trinity" is located about 110 km north of Chisinau city, 8 km far from Orhei town. It is located in the one of the picturesque defiles near Saharna village, on the right abrupt bank of the Dniester River.



Saharna Monastery, with its whole complex, is one of the oldest monastic settlements of the Orthodox Church in the Republic of Moldova. The monastic complex consists of two monasteries a cave monastery. In 1776, the monarch Bartholomew together with other Christians founded the skete dedicated to the "Holy Trinity". On its territory, two years later, in 1778, Bartholomew built the wooden church dedicated to "Saint Nicholas". In 1818, the construction of the Summer Church dedicated to the "Holy Trinity" is initiated, becoming later the central church. The construction works finish in 1821, already under the direction of the abbot Tarasie. In 1837, during the period of the abbot Onisifor, the iconostasis of the church was renovated, known to be very beautiful, adorned with valuable icons. In 1900 the cave monastery was renovated by the inhabitants of Saharna Ipolit Terletki and Vasile Corneanu, renovation, which affected the interior and exterior aspects of the monastery. At that time, the natural wall between the church and its cells was demolished, and new walls of regularly shaped limestone blocks were built. After1918 the monastery changed its status, becoming a monastery of "nuns". By 1950, the monastery reached the maximum flowering, being one of the most arranged and piously decorated venerable monastic churches in our country, but not for long time, because in 1964, during the Soviet regime, the monastery was closed and turned into a psychiatric hospital. The reopening of the monastery took place on 19 April 1991. With the blessing of His Eminence Vladimir, Metropolitan of Chisinau and all Moldova, the monastery began to operate. During 1992-1998 the Summer Church was restored. Currently, christenings, weddings, sanctifications, memorial services (prayers for the dead), etc are held in the monastery.