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“Codrii” reserve was created on 27 September 1971 in the central area of the Republic of Moldova based on the forest range Lozova, Straseni district, with the purpose of preserving the most representative sectors of forests typical of the Central Plateau of the country. 

The hydrological scientific reservation "Iagorlîc" is located in the northern tip of Lower Dniester region, near the villages Iagorlîc and Goian, occupying sectors of the left tributary and forming the Goian bay with its surroundings. Besides its aspect of a scientific reserve, the landmark offers a calm scenery - creating the impression of an island surrounded by steep cliffs. 

One of the state reserves where the natural ecosystems less influenced by human being were preserved is "Plaiul Fagului" Reserve. The reserve was created on 12 march 1992 based on the hunting household "Radenii Vechi". It is located in the northwest of the Republic of Moldova, 75 km far from Chisinau, and covers an area of 5642 ha, including 5375 ha with forests.

“Prutul de Jos” Reserve was created on 23 April 1991 and it is located in Southwestern part of the Republic of Moldova along the lower course of the Prut River, the l-st great tributary of the Danube River at the border between Romania and the Republic of Moldova. The total area of the reserve is 1691 ha. It is situated between Valeni and Slobozia Mare villages, in Cahul district. The main geographical component of the reserve is the lake Beleu that has an area of 628 ha.

“Padurea Domneasca” (Royal Forest) Reserve it is one of the oldest forests in the Prut River bottomland. It is blessed with various unique landscapes, of international value, and places filled with the charm of nature. It is unique by its biodiversity, including one of the oldest bottomland forests in Europe.

The oak was growing and stretching out his vigorous branches in all parts. Because it was not shaded by other trees, the oak was growing more in thickness, and its crown in height. The oak was a resting place for the great ruler, and he was relieving his pains and sorrows with its dense and cool shade. 

The „Butești Gorges” is one of the most beautiful natural rocks coating from the prehistoric period whose impressive dimensions equal to the reef of 2 km length. Besides the fact that it occupies the Camenca River, the monument is made up of old caves aged about 20 million years. It impresses the guests by its tremendous sizes and unusual rocky shape. When participating at the festivals that are held in this territory, you can feel the adventurous and pleasant atmosphere of the place. 

Edinet district it is one inexhaustible source of decorative elements . Here it is the biggest gorge between two toltres "Trinca and Brînzeni " of about 250 m. From the "rocks of the gorge" is a wonderful view over the village that impresses the most visitors .