Reserve Trinca and Brînzeni
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Reserve ''Trinca and Brînzeni ''

Edinet district it is one inexhaustible source of decorative elements . Here it is the biggest gorge between two toltres "Trinca and Brînzeni " of about 250 m. From the "rocks of the gorge" is a wonderful view over the village that impresses the most visitors .



Distance from Chişinău : 235 KmTime: 3:15 minThe village is not far from the landscape reserve, only 10 km from Edinet village. The village is known by the fact that close to him , even after gorge Trinca career is to extract the best from Moldova var . Previously, the village was named, lived here many craftsmen who shaped their porridge cousin of ornaments and reliefs , which is why we find many descriptions of houses Trinca , with stunning environments . Just outside the village , along the river bed stretches Draghişte largest gorge between two toltres . Gorge reach the widest place 250 m . The length of the gorge is nearly 1 km height is approximately 120-140 m slopes . From " rocky gorge " is a wonderful view of the village and opposite the quarry and lime plateau with many lime kilns for firingBrînzeni gorge stretches near the village along the river Racovăţ . Brînzeni gorge is far from the village's depth is less, not more than 100 m, a width of approximately 150 m reach . It's winding , which makes it most picturesque . Near him is a great career to extract lime .This differs from the gorge gorge Trinca , being less rich in vegetation - on the tops of its slopes, however, is an extremely nice, but it matters that remain unforgettable memories of this visit. CASA MARE team is pleased to accompany you on the journey unforgettable to see the harmonious fusion of the two toltres - a real natural monument northern Moldovan !