Plaiul Fagului Reserve
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''Plaiul Fagului'' Reserve

One of the state reserves where the natural ecosystems less influenced by human being were preserved is "Plaiul Fagului" Reserve. The reserve was created on 12 march 1992 based on the hunting household "Radenii Vechi". It is located in the northwest of the Republic of Moldova, 75 km far from Chisinau, and covers an area of 5642 ha, including 5375 ha with forests.



The vegetation of the reserve includes about 680 species of plants, of which 27 species are included in the Red Book of the Republic of Moldova. The fauna is represented by 211 species. "Flaiul Fagului" reserve is a picturesque natural landscape heritage, a precious nature thesaurus of the Republic of Moldova.The territory of the reserve is partially accessible for the ecological tourism.