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The landscape Reserve “The Hundred Knolls” is situated in the Prut bottomland, about 205 km north of Chisinau, between Braniste village, Riscani district and Cobani village, Glodeni village. This name is inappropriate as in reality the number is bigger – over 3500 knolls, covering an area of 1072 ha. Their height varies from 1.5 to 3.5 m. The most spectacular is the so-called “Gypsy’s Knoll”.

The cultural, natural and landscape reserve "Old Orhei" includes a series of historical and cultural monuments and natural landscapes in the gorge of Raut River.This area has been populated and partially urbanized since Paleolithic and Neolithic periods. The central sector of the "Old Orhei" complex enjoys the status of "Historical and archaeological Reserve" and the western sector enjoys the status of "Landscape Reserve".

The Trebujeni landscape reservation is part of the natural cultural complex "The old Orhei" (Ro: Orheiul Vechi). The reservation has a unique landscape of a peerless beauty and scientific value, serving as a visit card of our land’s nature. Around the Trebujeni village, the river meanders strong, the shores are steep, sometimes reaching a height of over 100 m.  The natural reserve is bordering the famous historic and archaeological monument - the Old Orhei.

A precious natural monument – by geological and paleontological point of view - is considered to be the portion of the steep shore of the Nistru river. The shores open on one of the most spectacular scenery of the surrounding river. Here goes a railway bridge between Moldova, Ukraine and Russia. By visiting this region, you can perfectly feel the adrenaline and the flawless natural landscape.

The reservation is also called „The little Switzerland of Moldova”, thanks to the small area that it occupies. The uniqueness of the reservation from the northern Moldova is represented by the famous rocky substrates around the Prut river. When climbing the high, steep cliffs and checking the surroundings of the reservation, an immediate and strong feeling of adventure engulfs any of the tourists. 

At the very entrance to Saharna gorge from the Nistru side, an imposing grey rock dominates the surroundings. The brooks Saharna and Stohnaia cut across the Eastern rise of the hill, forming a vast amphitheater of rocks. They have formed a gorge that reaches 160-175 meters depth in some parts. If you look at them from the bottom, these brinks give the impression of some mountains with edges lost in the horizon. 

Landscape Reserve has a prominent place among the most beautiful monuments from our territory. This is a place away from the urban bustle, where only one train passing here can’t  disturb the peace. Nearly, there is an unusual concentration of geological , paleontological and archaeological monuments.

The Țipova landscape reserve is considered is defined by a specific character of a relief and hydrological objects (falls and thresholds) and socio-cultural objects (a rocky monastery XII-XIV-th centuries, traces geto-dacian fortresses) and in whole a landscape.

Near the town Costeşti, in the east side of the Duruitoarea village,  the Duruitoarea river, which is a tributary of the river Ciugur, dug a deep gorge in the rocks. The steep limestone slopes that are found here are marked by cliffs with grottoes adorned with the most unusual forms. The cave with an international fame was an ancient settlement of the Stone Age - natural shelter for the prehistoric human.

If you are trying to feel a harmonious communion between the human and the nature, then in the „Zberoaia Meadow” this is possible. The reservation strikes with its wildlife and  trees that are fully covered by leaves. People from the nearby villages come here in order to fish, rest or pick blackberries. Not far from the reservation, we have found the second colony of herons, like the one from the „Royal Forest”.

When visiting Moldova, you shouldn’t miss the beautiful architectural cliff with impressive caves that is situated in the north of the country, in the valley of the Racovăţ River. The cliff is known as a natural monument of a rare beauty. It is a very picturesque place, at the height of which you can get a different feeling comparing to your previous experiences.

This is another wonderful tourist attraction that will impress you through its chain of  little spring fountains that make all your bad thoughts go away. The 11 fountains are a complex of nice constructions, all springing from the foothills of a steep cliff. In the beautiful stone wall you can find the beauty of the surrounding nature and the marble plaque that has a memorable statement engraved on it.