The spring fountains of the ,,Izvoare village
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The spring fountains of the ,,Izvoare village''

This is another wonderful tourist attraction that will impress you through its chain of  little spring fountains that make all your bad thoughts go away. The 11 fountains are a complex of nice constructions, all springing from the foothills of a steep cliff. In the beautiful stone wall you can find the beauty of the surrounding nature and the marble plaque that has a memorable statement engraved on it.



Distance from Chişinău: 124 km Estimated time: 2 hours 20 km from the district of Floresti there is a village of a very large territory - Izvoare, that is maintaining its scenic view thanks to the above mentionned monument. The main attraction of the village are considered to be the spring fountains, whose waters form a stream that then flows into the river Căinari. The 11 fountains are a complex of nice constructions, all springing from the foothills of a steep cliff on which the village is situated. As ornaments of this masterpiece were used not only limestone rocks, but also fragments of black and red granite. The stone wall was built with great skill and imagination and is one of the most memorable natural attractions of the place. There is a marble plaque attached on the wall and it has the motto „When you drink water, think about the fountain” engraved on it. Each of the 11  spring fountains has its individual decor and is different from the others. This interesting artistic achievement proves the craftsmanship and the artistic taste of the architects and builders of this particularly nice monument. Once you reach the place, you can notice many pipes , from where the water is supposed to flow, but, unfortunately, none of them is working. It actually means that no one took care of the  fountains and they haven’t been cleaned recently, so the water finds its way and flows under the stone wall. Sadly, the waters of these springs no longer offer crystalline water because the pipes are not functional, the water is flowing under the wall, reaching 2 natural reservoirs at a distance of 600 m from the fountains and flowing slowly into the Căinari waters. These trips are distinguishing through their interesting, varied and intriguing aspects. We, the CASA MARE team, can offer everyone the possibility to see the deep waters of the Spring Fountains from the Izvoare Village.