La 33 de Vaduri landscape reserve
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''La 33 de Vaduri'' landscape reserve

Landscape Reserve has a prominent place among the most beautiful monuments from our territory. This is a place away from the urban bustle, where only one train passing here can’t  disturb the peace. Nearly, there is an unusual concentration of geological , paleontological and archaeological monuments.



Location: Ocnita The landscape has a surface of 184 ha. Representative reserve is narrow meadow, a rivulet Chisăliţă, the village stretches Naslavcea "slopes defended by high and steep, like fortress walls." Albia Chisălăului is ragged, sometimes, the fords - whence the name of the reserve, which presents a complex micro-diverse natural monuments and archaeological special landscape qualities fragment located slope. Chişălăului Valley has its uniqueness by outcrops of flint of various colors, from pink to black.Together with tourists, we turn on the road through the valley of the "33 fords" to Chisălău- rivulets during which is noisy with waterfalls, nipped a lot of rapids and rocks, but very interesting.Not far from this place, it is a water mill. It was built a long time ago, then modified the machine, installation, hydraulic wheel and wooden walls. In 1913 it were installed two hydraulic wheel. Tourists will see the diversity of flora and fauna (if possible) in reserve, paying particular attention to the rare and endangered. Thus, the reserve are rare plants such as: Clocotici Pinat, rust Penati, lily of the valley, Snowdrop, popâlnic noble. Of these plants included in the Red Book of Moldova are popâlnicul snowdrop white and noble.Guests can see land and other interesting places as: a fountain with water chlorinated mineral composition of radium and uranium radiation that flows near the village .