Wine Company MIGDAL-P JSC
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Wine Company "MIGDAL-P'' JSC

The Wine Company "MIGDAL-P'' JSC is located in the heartr of Codri, in Cojusna village, 18 km far from Chisinau and includes the famous "Chateau Cojusna". The vineyards with the vines of the company cover about 400 ha and the cultivated varieties are: Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet. The company was founded on 21 september 1995 and the first bottling lines were put into operation in December 1999.        Străşeni city, Cojuşna village, Lomtadze 6, street.  Distance from Chişinău : 18 km



Inside the cellar there are 3 tasting rooms, wine aging hall and collection wines gallery. In the tasting rooms with heavy oak chairs and walls built with the dessert wines Cahors, consu;ting 60%of the entire collection, stored iin the cellar of "Chateau Cojusna". The collection of Cahors is one on the larggest in the country. "Migdal-P" holds about 70 patents for trademarkers, most of which are popular among consumers They include the original design of the bag-in-box and wine encyclupedia, as well as 7 bottles with exclusive forms.