The Arboretum Park of Chişinău Dendrariu
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The Arboretum Park of Chişinău ''Dendrariu''

The Arboretum park from Chişinău is of a splendid natural beauty. This is the place where the locals prefer to rest or have long walks. Once you enter the park, you will be impressed by the feeling of infinity, as you will have a large area in front of your eyes. This place is always quiet and makes you simply forget that you are in the city center.



The park is located in the west side of Chişinău, between the streets I.Creanga, V. Lupu and E. Сoca. It was founded in 1973 on the former Botanical Gardens of the Academy of Sciences. At first it had an area of 73 hectares, now it has been extended up to 83 hectares. The arboretum was always in the lists of the main attractions of our capital. It is always quiet, and makes you simply forget that you are in the city center. Even more surprising is that the park does not look like an artificial one, but looks very organic, and if you don’t like the scenery of the central region, then you can enjoy the “wild” landscape where everything seems very natural and unexplored. The pine trees collection includes more than 50 names from different floristic regions of the world. Among the woody rare species for Moldova that grow in the arboretum we can mention: Ginkgo biloba tree, metasecvoia, Canadian tsuga,  Douglas pine, the tulip tree, Mono maple, Japanese mulberry and others. The Arboretum is studying its collections, selecting and multiplying new species, including the types of woody plants for green spaces. This is one of the scientific centers that activates for the dissemination of scientific knowledge in the field of botany, creation of green spaces and nature protection. There, different seminars, field trips, are consultations are held for students, future specialists and nature lovers. The arboretum is a park with a specific schedule of attendance, as it  is a place of public entertainment. It is taken under state protection as a monument of architecture configuration. The lake from the park makes the atmosphere even more calm. Especially the Durleşti creek that runs through the lower side of the park with a few bridges that go over it. People working in a peaceful way can be seen everywhere. They are taking care of the grass, flower gardens, flower beds and fountains. They are, also, a part of the landscape, reminding us that this beauty was created by the hands and from the heart of the human.