About Moldova

Moldova…the soft and beautiful lines of hills, clear vineyards, green orchards where the trees are white in spring. Summertime allure by the cold water in the shadow of old trees. In autumn air is so transparent that can be compared with amber grapes.

Republic of Moldova is a country located in the South-East part of Europe, it has borders with Ukraine at the east and Romania at the west. The area of Moldova is 33.76 thousand square kilometers. Due to its geographic location the Republic of Moldova is characterized by moderate climate with short winter and long summer. The landscapes of Moldova vary considerably from endless steppes at east and high hills under forests in central part to the long Budjak plain in the south.

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For many centuries Moldova has been a victim of frequent wars. The main reason is the important location of Moldova – it stands on the historical way between Asia and Europe. Romans, Huns, (barbarians), Tatars, Osmans, Hungarians and many others passed through this land as through “Gates” between Carpathian Mountains and the Black Sea. Being a depository of invaluable relics of the far past, this country preserved in itself plenty of legends and mysteries.

If you admire serenity, peace, sunrises and daybreaks on rivers – Moldova is an ideal place. If you love natural relics and wonders, here you can find abrupt rocks with quaint lines and deep caves with labyrinths, one can only be wondered by the diversity of flora. The ones, that specially like antiquities, should for sure visit the ancient churches and monasteries of Moldova. Inveterate fishers and fans of water promenades will find their paradise here. There is a plenty of very nice places in Moldova, while the mild climate and the big number of sunny days during the year will allow admiring the beauties of Moldova from early spring until late autumn.

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Geographical and historic location substantially influenced the traditions and arts. Moldova has very rich folklore and traditions. The lively and fervent Moldavian songs and dances for many times lighted up the hearts of many people in different comers of the world.

Moldavians are a generous and responsive nation. Here people know how to enjoy the life and meet guests. Guests are always welcome in Moldova. The hosts will get upset if the guest will refuse to take a glass of real Moldavian wine.

We invite everyone to our sunny country – Moldova, one of the most fascinating and unique countries in the world, the real treasure of Europe, the uncovered and unknown. We are sure that this small country will not leave you untouched and will amaze you by its beauty.

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